Is Cancer A Result of Eating Too Few Apricots?

ApricotThe ‘apricot connection’ may surprise you, but some so-called experts would have you believe that cancer is caused by a laetrile deficiency… and that you should eat apricot pits to correct the problem. But, is that really the answer?

This disease does have a dreaded reputation and people are scared of cancer.  You see movie stars wasting away in front of the paparazzi and you figure, “Well, they have all the money in the world. They can afford the best available treatment and it’s still killing them.”

So then… how can I prevent cancer?

Don’t Surrender to Conventional Cancer Treatments

What’s wrong with that line of logic is that movie stars might have money and the most expensive doctors, but that doesn’t mean they get the best treatment.

Far from it, Jackie Onassis was literally KILLED by an experimental unproven treatment from her oncologist.

The truth is that doctors cannot take over our own health. Even if doctors were terrific at what they profess to do, you’d still be crazy to hand over your own body to their care. It’s your life. You should captain the ship.

When it comes to cancer control, you’d be mad to surrender to conventional care.

It’s clear that the “cancer industry” is NOT about curing or even helping people. It’s about profits. They don’t want cures, as can be seen by the fury with which they attack doctors who promote safe and cheap alternatives to their cruel “death machine.”

The only way you are going to learn about safe and effective alternative cancer remedies – therapies that won’t bankrupt you — is to study them. I’ve written a groundbreaking book to help you understand these issues more fully and you should get a personal copy of Cancer Research Secrets today.  One day it may save your life or the life of a loved one.

Don’t wait till someone close to you gets cancer. This is one situation where you need to be pro-active. Cancer can be prevented as well as treated successfully. You can only stay safe if you know what you are up against.

Remember, cancer is self-inflicted damage. It comes as a result of our unhealthy lifestyles.

Native Peoples and the Astonishing Zero Cancer Rate

By the way… cancer is not a result of eating too few apricots. Some so-called experts would have you believe that cancer is caused by a laetrile deficiency… and that you should eat apricot pits to correct the problem. 99.9% of native peoples, who are cancer free, do NOT eat apricot kernels. Cancer is not a laetrile deficiency, whatever you may have read about this “cure.”

But it is arguably an oxygen deficiency, an anti-oxidant deficiency, electron deficiency, enzyme deficiency, love deficiency and vitamin C and D deficiency.

Native peoples do not get cancer. Arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson lived for decades among the Inuit (Eskimos), eating a diet that Western doctors would describe as very, very dangerous (90% fat, meat and fish, zero carbs). Yet they never got cancer; not a single case… until they started on our Western diet.

You can find out more from the collected writings of an experienced holistic physician, with over 30 years experience.

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