Natural Cancer Cures Found in Common Fruit Seed

How to Prevent and Cure Cancer Without 
Using Toxic Conventional Treatments

You probably saw the tragic photos of actor Patrick Swayze as he deteriorated rapidly as a result of the chemotherapy treatments he received for his pancreatic cancer. He looked as emaciated as a prisoner from a concentration camp when he died in 2009 at the age of 57.

Patrick’s death caused Hollywood actress Suzanne Somers, to say … 

“They took this beautiful man and they basically put poison in him. Why couldn’t they have built him up nutritionally and gotten rid of the toxins in his body?” Somers, who cured herself of breast cancer, went on to say that Swayze died not from his pancreatic cancer but instead from chemotherapy. 

Ty Bollinger, a former Certified Public Accountant, couldn’t agree more.

natural cancer cures Ty never thought much about cancer treatments until cancer killed 7 of his family members, including both his parents. He echoed Suzanne Somers’s declaration, saying: “You see, my loved ones died not so much from cancer as from the poisonous, barbaric cancer treatments. They died because they listened to their doctors and trusted their advice. They died because they didn’t ‘step outside the box’ and consider natural cancer cures.”

He then embarked on a lifelong quest to uncover the truth about cancer. The things he discovered were shocking!

Here’s just one of them:

One of the most powerful natural cancer treatments in the world comes from the seed of a common fruit, which Americans routinely throw out in the trash. Ty found out that a vitamin found in that seed can be used as a high-dose treatment to cure even terminal cancer.

Case Studies Prove that This Common Fruit Seed Banishes Cancer Again and Again

The cancer industry put a halt to the studies of this seed years ago, but the research that was conducted showed remarkable promise. Consider just a few of the many powerful stories from people who beat their own cancers.

In 1972, Dale Danner, doctor of podiatry, developed cancer in both lungs, with a painful mass in his right thigh. He had a 10-day supply of the seed extract injected into an artery and awoke 36 hours later greatly improved. He began conventional doses of this natural treatment and returned to work several months later.

Carol Vencious, a 20-year-old student nurse, developed a malignant tumor thought to be an amelanotic melanoma. When chemo made her too sick to continue, she went to the Richardson Cancer Clinic for a metabolic treatment program including this seed substance. As a result, she made a complete recovery.

Alicia Buttons (wife of the late actor Red Buttons) had her “terminal” throat cancer treated with the natural seed extract by Dr. Hans Nieper in Hanover, Germany. Nieper was a major advocate of the natural seed cure and claimed an almost 50% cure rate with it. Well over 23 years after her treatment, Alicia was still alive and well.

Powerful as it may be, the seed of this common fruit is just one of many powerful natural cancer treatments that work. Here are just a few others that Ty discovered:

    • The natural cure President John F. Kennedy’s personal physician used to cure his own cancer — one that you can easily make on your stove. 

    • The cancer cure with a 93% cure rate developed by an alternative doctor — and based on his 32,507 cancer patients! 

    • The natural cancer cure that vibrates cancer cells to death — the way an opera singer shatters a glass — with no damage to your normal cells 

    • 7-time Nobel Prize nominee discovers natural cure that has reversed more “terminal” cancers than perhaps any other treatment 

    • The mineral that disrupts the cancer cells’ fermentation process, starving them to death. Inexpensive and easily available, with no side effects

Ty himself is living proof that the natural cancer cures he’s discovered really do work. He cured his own 2 skin cancer lesions with a natural remedy from his own research.

The Fact Is…There are Many Natural Cures for Cancer

Linus Pauling, winner of 2 Nobel Prizes and author of several books on vitamin C and cancer, tried long ago to warn the public. “Everyone should know that the ‘war on cancer’ is largely a fraud.” The fraud is based on 2 expensive therapies that the medical establishment keeps pushing onto the unsuspecting public — and those are chemotherapy and radiation — both highly toxic and frighteningly ineffective.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to radiation and chemo, alternatives that the $200 billion cancer industry doesn’t want you to hear about. Why? Because if everyone knew about effective natural treatments — such as the ones Ty has discovered — the demand for cancer drugs and treatments would plummet.

According to some estimates, the entire medical industry would shrink to 10% if its size — that’s a $900 billion loss!

Many well-meaning doctors who believe in these natural cures are reluctant to go public because they would risk ending up on an FDA quack-watch list — or worse, losing membership in the American Medical Association — if they told you about a natural cancer cure.

But Ty Bollinger is a layman, not a doctor — so he’s free to speak the truth about the natural cancer treatments that are available out there. Ty says if he knew then what he knows today, his loved ones’ lives could have been spared.

Despite losing 7 family members to the disease, Ty no longer fears cancer. “And neither should you,” he says.

When you watch the video he’s put together titled The Secret of People Who Don’t Get Cancer, you’ll never fear cancer again.

Now you can empower yourself with cutting edge information on healing yourself or your loved ones of cancer. Find out here how you can learn more about Ty Bollinger and his collection of natural, unconventional cancer cures that work.