Oil of Oregano: A Powerful Antibiotic

Did You Know…that this common “Italian” spice is an extremely powerful antibiotic?

Chances are you’ve heard by now about the recently discovered for the first time in the United States superbug that is resistant to all known antibiotics?  This news marks a turning point for antibiotics, which have already been the rightful subject of a great deal of negative publicity for the last decade.  Thanks to vast overuse including in livestock, the drugs that were once hailed as miracles are now losing their ability to save lives.

Fortunately, natural alternatives exist, including some you probably haven’t heard about but should have on hand, such as oregano, especially oil of oregano.

In one recent study, oregano was more effective than 18 popular antibiotics currently used in treating MRSA staph infections.  Oregano has also proven effective against norovirus, a food-borne illness that is notoriously difficult to treat.  In addition, oregano has shown to help speed the death of cancer cells.

Long History of Medicinal Use 

Oregano is a plant native to the Mediterranean region.  The oil of this plant was used as medicine in Ancient Greece, where it was prized for being…

  • Antiseptic
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral
  • Anti-fungal

In addition to treating common colds and flu, this powerful natural remedy can be effectively used against many common infections and conditions:

        Respiratory issues: including bronchitis and sinusitis
        Digestive problems: including food poisoning, ulcers, bacterial infections, and parasites
       Pain relief: including as a topical treatment for muscle soreness thanks to its warming properties (experts advise mixing oil of oregano with a base oil first to avoid irritation)
        Oral health: because a substance called thymol in oil of oregano fights plaque and bacteria
        Allergies: both seasonal and year-round
        Immunity: including defending against sore throats and colds by taking 2 or 3 drops daily in water or juice
        Congestion: (experts recommend diluted it in a carrier oil and rubbing on the chest or adding a couple of the oil to a handkerchief and inhaling)
       Dandruff: by adding a few drops to shampoo or mixing with coconut oil as a scalp tonic

Antibiotics AND Antioxidants 

Although oil of oregano is more powerful than the dried herb, both offer benefits.  That is in part due to oregano’s high antioxidant content.  The USDA reports that oregano’s antioxidant capacity is somewhere between 3 and 20 times higher than all other herbs!

As always, experts recommend sourcing your herbs with care, choosing organic when you can, and making sure to purchase only from reputable suppliers.  If you intend to use oil of oregano internally, experts say you should always consult with your health care provider to make certain this herb is right for you and to double check for any medication interactions.