DNA and Your Health Program Your DNA in Two Minutes to Create a Healthy Body

DNA and Your Health: Did you know you can program your DNA to create a healthy body in as little as 2 minutes?

DNA is a nucleic acid that carries the genetic information in the cell. It is known as the “blueprint” of life because it governs the development and functioning of humans and all living organisms.

It is a widely held belief that DNA, which is shaped like a double helix, has a fixed structure and cannot be changed — but a recent study from the Institute of HeartMath has shed startling results that challenge what we thought we knew about DNA. DNA and your health

In the study, human DNA was placed in a sealed test tube. Test subjects trained to generate focused feelings of deep love… were able to intentionally cause a change in the shape of the DNA.

Negative Emotions Can Affect DNA Health

Negative emotions, produced at will, caused the two strands that comprise human DNA to wind more tightly. Heart-centered feelings of love and appreciation generated by the research subjects caused the DNA strands to unwind and exhibit positive changes in just 2 minutes.

When those feelings were absent, no changes were observed in the DNA.

This may be the first scientific evidence of the long-held theory that emotion greatly affects our health and quality of life. This is proof positive that DNA and health are related we can communicate and “program” our DNA through emotion — and thus, change the very blueprint of our health and our life.

Carnelian Sage, author of The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World, whose book presents an ingenious approach to producing deep feelings of love at will, states: “Love is clearly something awesome embodying every person that is far greater than the genetic information stored in the DNA which resides in the nucleus of each human cell.”

“Some refer to it as the vast intelligence that comprises our entire being, and some call it energy. Indeed, love is energy in its most fundamental sense — the raw material of all that is. It’s the most profoundly essential and transformative energy, without which life itself would not be possible.”

Indeed, if we can influence the behavior of DNA and health in a test tube, what untold health benefits might we experience by changing the DNA in our bodies through feelings of deep love?

Perhaps that’s what Carnelian Sage meant when she wrote, “Love and illness cannot coexist”.