Sacha Inchi Oil Seventeen Times More Powerful Than Omega-3

Did you know…this ancient seed is 17 times more potent than the so-called best source of health-enhancing omega-3s?

I’m sure you’ve heard that essential fatty acids (EFAs). EFAs, particularly omega-3 acids —are crucial for well-being and proven to improve your health in a number of extremely important ways, including:

    • Decreasing pain and inflammation
    • Improving cardiovascular health
    • Reducing heart attack and strokes
    • Decreasing chances of osteoporosis
    • Reducing breast, colon, and prostate cancer
    • Building better brain functioning
    Reducing depression and psychosis
    • Increasing both male and female fertility
    • Improving all around pregnancy health

Although fish are the most common source of omega-3s, consuming fish can be risky.

Fortunately, the sacha inchi seed contains 17 times more omega-3 per ounce that wild salmon.

Ancient Peruvian Superfood Beats Fish Oil by a Landslide

For years, experts have considered fish to be the foremost source of omega-3s. However, new studies show store-bought fish contains little to no EFAs. sacha inchi oil

Rising rates of pollution make wild fish a precarious option: fish oil is far more likely to contain contaminants or toxic substances. Additionally, fish oil frequently causes stomach irritation.

Sacha inchi, also called Inca peanuts, are found in the rainforests as well as the mountains of Peru. Cold-pressed sacha inchi oil contains a 93% concentration of unsaturated fatty acids. Compare that to the 2 second-highest plant sources evening primrose oil (86%) and flaxseed oil (78%).

Sacha inchi oil is cholesterol-free, readily bio-available, and requires no preservatives as it is loaded with antioxidants. The highly respected Dr. Mehmet Oz awarded sacha inchi a spot on his list of favorite supplements for boosting your metabolism.

According to Oz, it “really get[s] your metabolism revved up.” Not only that, but sacha inchi’s anti-inflammatory properties target abdominal fat, which is notoriously difficult to eradicate.

Sacha Inchi Oil Full-Spectrum Benefits

Along with boosting metabolism, the omega-3s and other nutrients in sacha inchi oil promotes health and well-being in significant ways, including…

    • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
    • Ease morning stiffness
    • Improve joint mobility and grip strength
    • Reinforce bone density
    • Improve calcium absorption
    • Enhance cognitive functioning
    • Stabilize mood fluctuations
    • Alleviate attention problems
    • Clarify skin
    • Sharpen vision

When writing about benefits of sacha inchi oil, Dr. Al Sears called it “so effective and nutrient dense, it’s the first real health breakthrough I’ve seen in the last decade.

Ongoing research continues to uncover new benefits. Perhaps best of all, because sacha inchi oil is so easy to digest and absorb, its benefits occur rapidly.

Pairs Perfectly with Almost Everything

Though sacha inchi are technically seeds, they have a mild, nutty flavor that’s reminiscent of almonds. According to Jaqui Dunal, co-owner of Sachi Inchi Corporation, the exclusive importer of sacha inchi oil to North America, the oil “has a delicious taste and aroma. It is ideal for gastronomy.”

Dunal recommends using sacha inchi to season salads, stews and pasta.

Sacha inchi can also be taken as a supplement, either as oil or in capsule form. In his write-up on sacha inchi, Dr. Oz was careful to note that anyone currently being treated for a medical condition, or pregnant or nursing women, should consult with a physician prior to trying sacha inchi.