Ear Acupressure: The Most Accessible Alternative for Self-Healing

The ear is more than a vessel for sweet nothings. This invaluable sensory organ shapes our relationship with sound and monitors our balance, further stabilizing our orientation with the world.

ear acupressureAs the brain’s right and left-hand henchman, the ear is also a vehicle for self-healing, a benefit that is becoming increasingly utilized in western medicine and healing practice.

At the forefront of this knowledge is Auriculotherapy, or ear acupressure, perhaps the most effective and accessible alternative treatment for reducing pain, lowering blood pressure, shedding unwanted pounds, alleviating insomnia, and correcting alcohol and drug addiction, to name just a few of the ailments this age-old technique relieves.

Ear acupressure was first advanced by Chinese acupuncturists in 500 BC and documented in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. But it was French doctor, Paul Nogier, who pioneered modern Auriculotherapy as a complete healing system in the 1950s.

Dr. Nogier sought to explain the connection between ear acupoints and their effects on the body with his apt scientific metaphor of the ear as the micro-imitation of the human bodily system, comparing the shape of the ear to an inverted fetus. The Chinese further perfected Dr. Nogier’s studies, developing a more complete map that details the specific acupressure points on the ear and the body systems to which they correspond.

Auriculotherapy is not simply ear reflexology, which uses acupressure to unblock the energy meridians of the body. Rather, ear acupressure stimulates the nerve connections between the ear and the central nervous system. Applying pressure to the correct points on the external ear triggers nerve impulses from the ear to the brain, thereby communicating powerful healing messages to the organ or system in which the health problem manifests.

Upon receiving the ear’s recommendations, the brain releases pain-relieving protein molecules called endorphins into the blood stream, soothing chronic pain and discomfort quickly and with no side effects.

Readily practiced in Europe and Asia, Auriculotherapy is gaining popularity as a complementary treatment option in North America and has been recognized and approved by both the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the World Health Organization (WHO). What makes Auriculotherapy such an innovative and effective technique is the ease with which it can be practiced at home, without the need of expensive doctor visits and treatment sessions.

Licensed practitioners stimulate acupoints with the use of acupuncture needles and electrical devices that implement microcurrents, but the same effects can be achieved by simply applying pressure with your fingers. All you need to get started is a map detailing the specific points on the ear and the diseases they treat, and a simple explanation as to the correct amount of pressure to apply to the individual acupoints.

An at-home guide to Auriculotherapy is now available in the easy to understand book The Amazing Science of Auriculotherapy, which features a wealth of medical treatments for over 350 diseases.

Discover the key to reducing undesired cravings, stimulating sexual appetite, balancing digestive irregularities, strengthening memory and concentration, boosting your immune system, alleviating depression, and much more. User-friendly diagrams make self-treatment easy and these short therapeutic sessions cost nothing in time or money.

When combined with complementary treatment therapies from alternative medicine and conventional western medicine, ear acupressure rounds out your wellness program. Take control of your health and wellness today.