Fact or Myth: Do Statin Drug Effects Increase Men’s Risk of Prostate Cancer?

This is a FACT.

A recent study of nearly 400 prostate cancer patients diagnosed between 2005 and 2008 found that the use of any statin drug, in any amount, was associated with a significantly increased risk for prostate cancer.statin drug effects

The risk continued to rise along with the cumulative dose of statin drugs.

The study authors wrote, “The results of this case-control study suggest that statins may increase the risk of prostate cancer.”

900 Studies Link Statins to Dangerous Side Effects

Statins drugs—used to lower cholesterol levels—are the most widely prescribed drugs in the world. A shocking 1 in 4 Americans (that’s more than 30 million) are now on these dangerous drugs.

Statin drug effects have been shown by at least 900 studies to cause adverse effects ranging from muscle deterioration to diabetes to birth defects to cancer risk.

Statin Drug Effects: Not Proven to Improve Health, and Linked to Cancer for at Least 10 Years

So far, conventional medicine has not confirmed whether artificially lowering cholesterol levels with statins actually prevents heart attack or stroke. Meanwhile, these dangerous drugs could be “adding fuel to an already out of control cancer epidemic,” says Dr. Joseph Mercola.

The statin drug effects, mainly the cancer connection has been recognized for more than a decade already. It goes all the way back to a review published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1996:

All members of the two most popular classes of lipid-lowering drugs (the fibrates and the statins) cause cancer in rodents, in some cases at levels of animal exposure close to those prescribed to humans.

Longer-term clinical trials and careful post-marketing surveillance during the next several decades are needed to determine whether cholesterol-lowering drugs cause cancer in humans.

Safe, Natural Cholesterol Control

For those seeking to lower cholesterol without resorting to statin drugs, many effective natural options are available … including fish oil, krill oil, red yeast rice extract, garlic, and many others.

Natural health practitioners advise that specific functional foods and herbal remedies produce varying results in individuals, and that effects can take several weeks to be measurable. But with the functional food or herb right for them, many people report impressive and lasting success with lowering their cholesterol levels naturally.