Strawberries Reverse Cancer

Did You Know…that strawberries can reverse one of the deadliest forms of cancer? 

      Esophageal cancer is essentially a death sentence.  The National Cancer Institute estimates 16,700 new esophageal cancer diagnoses each year result in the death of at least 14,500 victims.  Most people die within the first year, and only 13% make it to a record setting 5-year survival mark.

But if caught early enough, esophageal cancer responds quickly to a remarkable natural therapy.  This medicinal food is strawberries, which have been shown to not only halt the progression of esophageal cancer, but also completely reverse it!

Strawberries to the Rescue 

Researchers from Ohio State University conducted a randomized, phase 2 clinical trial testing the efficacy of strawberries on cancer of the esophagus.  All patients were diagnosed with mild to moderate pre-cancerous lesions.  Patients ate 60 grams (about a pound) of strawberries every day for 6 months.  By the end of the study, over half of the patients walked away disease free!  In 80% of the cases, lesions either reversed from moderate to mild or entirely disappeared.

Other studies have confirmed that a diet rich in plant-based foods can cut your cancer risk in half, while diets high in meat and fat can dramatically increase disease risk.

The Strawberry Secret 

You would think such dramatic results would warrant a national health news alert, but surprisingly the strawberry cure has been kept a secret.  In 2012, drug companies made a whopping $85 billion profit from pharmaceutical drugs, including chemotherapy treatments.  That’s a lot of profit to be lost should the strawberry secret emerge as a viable cancer therapy option.

     The medical industry is notoriously resistant to testing the efficacy of fruits, vegetables, and herbs against disease.  In fact, it is deemed unethical to test all natural foods (that can’t be patented) instead of chemotherapy drugs, radiation, and surgery.  Researchers are allowed to throw spices such as turmeric in the mix when testing chemotherapy drugs on humans to see if they boost the effect, but studies that test the benefits of natural therapies alone are severely lacking.

Researchers are, however, allowed to test botanical treatments on slow-growth cancers, such as prostate and esophageal cancers.  In the case of esophageal cancer, the first sign occurs when the esophagus, which connects the mouth and the stomach, becomes infected with precancerous lesions.  The cancer grows, and then spreads, until eventually the body succumbs to death.  Because esophageal cancer follows such a slow step-by-step progression, researchers are able to test the ability of phytonutrients to suppress and reverse cancer growth.

They are learning that if caught early enough, cancer can be halted and even reversed by antioxidant-rich plant foods such as strawberries and green tea.


Proven Effective

     It’s irrefutable: strawberries pack a strong protective punch.  Loaded with vitamin C, strawberries boost overall immunity, keep bad cholesterol in check, reduce inflammation, and stave off a plethora of age-related diseases.  Enjoy the sweetness of strawberries today, to ensure a cancer-free tomorrow.