The Greatest Manifestation Principle

AntiqueKeyandLock2015 is upon us … and with it comes a new beginning and the promise of a better future.  It’s the perfect time to share the one shining secret that will inspire success, joy, and fulfillment in all areas of your life. When you embrace this principle, you will manifest your heart’s desires … not just in 2015 but for the rest of your life.

That secret is beautifully articulated in a wonderful little book titled The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World, written by Carnelian Sage.  This 131-page book reveals the core value you need to enjoy vibrant health, prosperity, and fulfilling relationships. When you learn this powerful principle, you will …

  • notice that the right people, the right resources, the right breaks and the right circumstances suddenly appear in your life without any prompting or effort from you
  • spontaneously behave in ways that enable you to naturally lose excess weighteliminate procrastinationget rid of mental obsessions or addictionsresolve marital and personal relationship problems … and rise above any and all human dilemmas 
  • discover how to heal yourself spontaneously of an ailment, disease, or illness
  • find the interface that turns desires from their unformed potentiality to actualization

The High-Performance Law of Attraction

What makes The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World different from other Law of Attraction books? Other self-help books teach elementary principles, such as positive thinking, visualization, and gratitude, which are indeed important to manifestation. Positive thinking up-levels your vibrations and calls more positivity and success into your life…this has been scientifically confirmed. Visualization provides a bridge between your positive thoughts and proactive action. Gratitude attracts more of the same. But these manifestation principles alone aren’t enough to guarantee a constant influx of success, health, and wealth to your life. If they were, the majority of people around the world would be enjoying unlimited good.

The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World is the only book to reveal the secret component of manifestation…the missing key that’s prevented you from seeing success with other Law of Attraction techniques.

Author Carnelian Sage shares a simple practice that connects you to the real power behind the law of attraction, and explains how practicing the easy-to-use method of the greatest manifestation principle effortlessly manifests your greatest desires and eliminates blocks to your optimal happiness and success.

We can’t recommend The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World highly enough.  This book will enable you not only to manifest your desires, but also to find unbounded joy, love, and peace in your life’s journey. To learn more about unlocking your manifestation potential click here.