Weight Loss Benefits of Superfood Sea Buckthorn Oil

Amazing Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil Found to Help You Easily Shed Fat

Did you know…that the oil from sea-buckthorn berries, when consumed internally, sends signals to the human brain that command the body to stop storing unnecessary fat?

The Tibetans and Chinese have used the oil from sea-buckthorn berries to promote digestive and immune system health for thousands of years; the ancient Greeks recognized its anti-aging and beautifying properties, and even used it to keep the coats of racehorses shiny.

This ancient food is now rising to prominence as a “superfood” in the Western world. Of particular interest is the oil’s remarkable ability to promote each person to lose extra weight.

Ever since acclaimed cardiac surgeon and two-time Emmy Award winning talk show host, Dr. Mehemet Oz, featured sea-buckthorn oil on the Dr. Oz Show, this medicinal plant has been touted as the new diet wonder to lose extra weight.

What sets sea-buckthorn oil apart from other berries high in antioxidants and phytonutrients? It contains about 30% palmitoleic acid, or Omega-7, an essential fatty acid that is rare to find in natural form. Macadamia nuts are the only other source of Omega 7, and then only in trace amounts.

lose extra weight Preliminary research suggests that the Omega-7 in sea-buckthorn oil may stave off excess weight gain and help you lose extra weight you’ve been carrying for years.

Study Subjects That Consumed Sea Buckthorn Oil Were Half the Weight of Those in the Control Group

An animal study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture analyzed two groups of mice that were fed a high-cholesterol diet loaded with fat and calories. The only variable was sea-buckthorn oil, which researchers gave to one group of mice.

Results of the 4-week study showed that the group of mice that had a daily dose of oil fared significantly better. They were half the weight of the control group and their total cholesterol and trigylceride levels were significantly reduced.

Sea-buckthorn oil also suppressed increased glucose levels. The other group of mice became obese and experienced weight-related complications, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil Help Stop Your Body from Storing Calories as Excess Fat

Results of a 2011 study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that sea-buckthorn decreased the circumference of waistlines. Eighty women were fed either a diet of bilberries, sea-buckthorn, or sea-buckthorn phenolic extract. The bilberries and the sea-buckthorn showed the most substantial reduction in waistlines.

Although scientists are still conducting human trials, preliminary research indicates that the Omega 7 in sea-buckthorn oil successfully stops weight gain and helps lose extra weight. Scientists conclude that the oil sends messages to the brain, telling it to stop storing calories as excess fat.

The oil also stimulates healthy bowels by moistening the mucous membranes that line the intestinal tract. When the mucous lining is dry, food gets stuck in the colon. By delivering essential fluids, sea-buckthorn oil moves food through the intestinal tract, thereby protecting cell membranes from oxidative and physical stress.

The many benefits of sea buckthorn oil contains a healthy dose of vitamin E and Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids to support our natural inflammatory responses and promote collagen, which slows down the aging processimproves skin tone and elasticity…and encourages tissue regeneration.

Sea-buckthorn oil can be used externally or taken internally either by eating the berries directly, drinking sea-buckthorn berry juice or by taking one 500 mg capsule daily.

Although there are no reported side effects, sea-buckthorn oil does have a blood thinning effect and therefore, should not be used with blood thinning medications. Please consult your doctor before beginning any treatment plan to lose extra weight.