This Weight Loss Herb is Proven By Medical Research

Although gymnema sylvestre has been used in traditional medical disciplines since the 6th century B.C., you’ve probably never heard of it. Those in the know say it’s one of the absolute best all-natural appetite suppressants and weight loss helpers out there.gymnema sylvestre natural weight loss herb

The supplement is made from the leaves of a climbing plant native to India and Asia. Studies show it can reduce sugar cravings…improve digestion…and balance blood sugar levels. And the research behind this weight loss herb is impressive and high quality. For example, a 2003, a double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that gymnema sylvestre can lead to significant wright loss. Participants in the study were randomly enrolled in either the treatment or control group. The treatment group took a gymnema sylvestre supplement for six weeks while the control group took a placebo that was indistinguishable in size, color, weight, and appearance from the supplement.

At the conclusion of the study, the participants in the treatment group had lost substantially more weight than those in the control group. They had also significantly reduced their body fat percentage…absolute fat mass…and BMI.

Why Gymnema Sylestre Can Help You Achieve Your Ideal Weight  

The gymnema sylvestre plant contains a few compounds that make it a powerful weight management helper. The primary active compounds are acidic glycosides and anthroquinones. Research indicates that the most potent component are gymnemic acids, which can be extracted from either the leaves or the root of the plant.

man and woman jogging togetherGymnema sylvestre works in two important weights to support weight loss…

  • Suppresses appetite by dulling your perception of sweetness
  • Prevents the absorption of sugar during digestion

Gymnemic acids alter the way your taste buds detect sweet flavors. According to a Physiology & Behavior study, taking gymnema sylvestre one hour prior to eating can lead to a substantial reduction in the amount of food consumed.

Gymnema sylvestre also blocks the absorption of sugar. A study conducted in South Korea found that the herb can reduce the amount of sugar your body absorbs during digestion. Gymnemic acids have a similar structure to sugar. When they enter your intestines, they bind onto your receptors, which stops them from taking in sugar. This balances blood sugar and lessens the amount of sugar stored as fat.

Expert Advice on Trying Gynema Sylvestre for Yourself

Most gymnema sylvestre supplements come in capsule form, though powders and teas can also be good options. Dr. Dharam Singh Deustch, a natural health practitioner based in Los Angeles who is an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and a master Qi Gong healer, recommends a gymnema sylvestre supplement from MediHerb’s Standard Process line of products. However, there are many excellent gymnema sylvestre products available. When evaluating products, be sure that the one you choose contains no fillers…binders…or excipients. Experts say when taken regularly, the herb should bring results in less than three months!