Color Light Therapy Provides Remarkable Healing Benefits

Did you know that colored light therapy (a treatment called color “toning”) has been shown to cause a physiologic effect inside the human body, and has been used by many health practitioners to heal 400 diagnosed disorders, including most known health conditions?

Color light therapy is not a frivolous New Age concept lacking solid scientific or medical support. On the contrary, scientists and physicians have been researching the effects of light and color on biological functions for nearly two centuries, and different forms of light therapy have been practiced since ancient times.

The most prestigious journals are filled with several hundred studies highlighting the remarkable benefits of this non-invasive healing modality.

The Navy and NASA utilize color therapy, and premature infants diagnosed with jaundice are frequently treated with blue-light therapy. A reputable cancer treatment center in Spain routinely uses color therapy to treat its patients. The list of licensed medical practitioners and natural healers who implement color light therapy goes on and on…as do the ailments it successfully treats.

Among the 400 diagnosed disorders color light therapy cures are…

  • Depression
  • SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Allergies
  • PMS
  • Immune Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Neurological Problems
  • Cancer
  • Digestive Disorders

The Human Body’s Relationship with Light and Color

You may not be able to see light and color energies, but it is shortsighted to disregard the effect they have on your body just because “not seeing is disbelieving.” After all, you may not be able to see radio waves or WIFI signals, but you cannot deny the effect they have on your radios and computers.

Still not convinced? Go outside and catch a few sun-rays. Your body will soak up the sunlight and immediately begin producing vitamin D3, essential to bone health! color light therapy

Humans are susceptible to color and light influence due to the electro-magnetic energy field that surrounds the body. These particles of energy encapsulate your body, manifesting as a color field (or aura). While the majority of humans cannot see auras, these color fields definitely exist and impact our internal organs significantly. Color light therapy supports and improves this energy field.

The History of Color Light Therapy

American physician Edwin D. Babbitt first introduced color light therapy to the mainstream in 1878, when he published his book, “The Principles of Light and Color.” Dr. Seth Pancoast reported similar findings in his book “Light and Its Rays,” published in 1877.

Influenced by the two doctors’ findings, Indian physician, scientist and engineer, Dinshah P. Ghadiali, used color light therapy to treat a woman who was dying of mucous colitis. While other doctors diagnosed her condition as untreatable and left her for dead, Dinshah experimented with what he would later name Spectro-Chrome Color Therapy.

Using illumination from a kerosene lantern and a blue-colored glass bottle, Dinshah applied light to the affected areas of her body. She went from suffering from extreme diarrhea 100 times a day, to eliminating only 10 times a day, to shortly thereafter walking about and making a full recovery!

Motivated by his success, Dinshah spent the next 23 years optimizing his Spectro-Chrome Color Therapy.

The American Medical Association (AMA) Does it Again

Why haven’t you heard of Spectro-Chrome Therapy? The AMA felt threatened by the increasing number of practicing physicians who were experiencing unheard of success curing otherwise untreatable conditions using color light therapy.

Beginning in 1924, a nearly 30-year campaign was waged in order to squash the alternative therapy.

Not only did they slander Spectro-Chrome Color Therapy as a scam, they also brought Dinshah to trial—a trial he won in large part due to the testimonies of other AMA doctors who stood by color light therapy as an effective treatment.

One of his supporters was Dr. Kate Baldwin, 23-year veteran Senior Surgeon of Philadelphia Women’s hospital, who later wrote in the Atlantic Medical Journal that color therapy was more effective than all other treatments combined, even surgery!

How to Use Color Light Therapy

Many health practitioners currently use color light therapy as part of their healing regimen. Dr. Teresa E. Quinlin, a physician in Columbus, Ohio says, “My experience with the lamp [Spectro-Chrome] is nothing short of stupendous. Burns, infections, pain, and cancer have all had remarkable improvements.”

You can easily use color light therapy to heal yourself and others. In an effort to make this healing art known and save millions of lives, Dinshah’s 3 sons compiled their father’s work into an easy-to-read guide called “Let There be Light,” which explains how to use specific colors to treat specific illnesses.

It also covers what Dinshah termed “Variant Breath Forecast Time,” in which you utilize the body’s natural breathing cycles, which change rhythm according to the time of day.

Dinshah used glass slides to conduct a “toning” session, but colored gel filters work just as well and are much easier to find.

You do not need high-powered lighting to get the full benefit; a 60-watt incandescent bulb works as effectively as a 2000-watt one.

If you are interested in finding out more about Spectro-Chrome Color Therapy and how it can heal almost any ailment, visit the Dinshah Health Society website (, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing non-pharmaceutical home color therapy.