Plant Oil Found to Reduce Belly Fat in Women and Men over 40

Finding ways to reduce belly fat in women and men as we get older doesn’t get any easier. It turns out that belly fat is more dangerous to your overall health than other types of fat in your body.

Belly fat is also the leading indicator of major health problems including insulin resistance, onset of diabetes, and heart disease.

Two key body types at risk for heart disease and diabetes:

For women – if you have what is known as an “apple shape” (this means you tend to carry the majority of your weight in your belly area having skinnier arms, hips, and legs).

For men – you may have what’s commonly known as a “beer belly”.

These two body types are at greater risk statistically for high blood pressure, Type II Diabetes, and heart disease.

Increased risk to insulin resistance is one of the primary reasons why belly fat is so dangerous. The type of fat tissue found at your waistline contributes to raising serum resistin levels, which contributes to insulin resistance.

reduce belly fat in women The answer to reducing excess belly fat is found in natural plant oil extracted from the seeds of the Sterculia foetida tree.

A study was conducted on hamsters specifically bred to have extra abdominal fat at the University of Nottingham in England. The hamsters were fed a high fat diet supplemented with sterculic oil which over several weeks helped to reduce their belly fat. In turn the hamsters developed less fat tissue, compared with hamsters fed only a high fat diet without the plant oil.

University of Missouri scientists conducted a similar study and found that sterculic fatty acid inhibited the activity of the enzyme known as SCD (stearoyl CoA desaturase).

High SCD enzyme activity has been shown to contribute directly to the onset of diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, cancer, and viral infections.

The fatty acid content of sterculic oil halted the action of the SCD enzyme directly associated with obesity, which may help reduce belly fat in women and men.

Sterculic plant oil is very similar to other vegetable oils and shares many of the same chemical properties. This could allow for it to be easily substituted with other plant oils like canola or cottonseed oils.

Further research shows that this amazing oil is a promising natural way to reduce belly fat in women and men. We may even see a natural sterculic oil supplement in the near future.