Shocking New Science Reveals All Medical Conditions Lie in Your Intestines

Could this be the biggest medical breakthrough of all time?

Nearly every single aspect of your health and well-being, including life and death, is related to your digestion.  That’s according to Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, PhD, internationally renowned for his work with food allergies in the 1980s and 90s.  “But allergies are just the tip of the iceberg,” says Dr. Scott-Mumby.  “Now, researchers have blasted open a medical discovery with the potential to bring more healing than breakthrough.” This discovery trumps even the most remarkable medical advances you can think of, including… 

   That infectious diseases were caused by microbes

   That anesthetics meant pain-free surgery

    That we could transplant vital organs

This research represents the biggest shift in scientific medical opinion since the development of the germ theory.  Most remarkable is that this research reveals not only the cause of virtually all modern ailments—including aging!—but also the cure.

The whole world of medicine is about to change in light of this breakthrough because it proves at last that the best way to heal, truly heal, is to activate the pharmacy inside our own bodies instead of relying on chemical drugs that have countless unforeseen side effects.

To help you make the most of this life-changing health discovery, I’ll lay out the basic science in a non-jargon way that everyone can understand and put to use immediately.

Intestinal “Fire” Underlies Disease 

First, science has revealed and proven beyond doubt that our intestines are a hotbed of inflammation.  This inflammation affects systemic health in all our other organs and tissues.  Literally, if the gut is “on fire” it damages the whole body, literally consuming our tissue, just like a wildfire.

Intestinal fire can underlie an amazing array of diseases, including allergies… autoimmune disease… heart attacks… stroke… diabetes… Alzheimer’s… Parkinson’s mental illness… behavior disorder… and a host of other conditions that medical science thought it understood (but was wrong!).

Even deadly cancer has strong inflammatory aspects.  What is going on in your gut is of vital concern to you. But as deadly as it is, inflammation is not the only issue.

More Powerful Than Your Own Genes

The second aspect of this breakthrough science shows unequivocally that the microbes in our intestinal tract share their genes with us.  Not only that, these microbes together encode up to about 10 million unique genes, while humans have only about 25,000 genes.

That means microbial genes outnumber our own by a factor of hundreds.  These “other” genes affect the way our body…

  • Obtains and uses nutrients
  • Detoxes chemicals, deals with food
  • Breaks down polysaccharides
  • Metabolizes hormones
  • Performs scores of other functions
The Most Amazing Medical Discovery Of All Time

Bacteria and other microbial genes from our guts tell our bodies how to behave, just like human genes do.  These microbes have as much control over our bodies as our own DNA does, and maybe more!
– Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, PhD

A “Second Brain” In Our Intestines 

Finally, this astounding new research confirms that we have a whole second brain in our guts—a fact so shocking that most doctors and scientists are still reeling from its implications.

Our “second brain” has all the same neurotransmitters and just as many neurons as the spinal cord or peripheral nerves.  In fact 95% of the body’s serotonin is found in this gut “brain,” which affects our moods, actions and performance.  Not only that, but 80% of our immune system also resides in the gut.  Clearly, our entire health and well-being is profoundly affected by our intestines.

It’s almost impossible to believe, and yet it’s true.

Don’t Fall Prey to Bad Dietary Advice

All of these factors—intestinal fire, intestinal microbes, and the second brain in your gut—are all profoundly affected by the food you eat.  It only makes sense.  But the problem with most advice on diet and gut health is that it takes a cookie cutter approach, when in reality your body is unique.

Different Bodies, Different Solutions 

Everyone’s gut health is affected differently by different foods.  Standardized diets such as the Atkin’s—or even the blood-types diet and metabolic diet—aren’t necessarily right for you.  They work for some but not for all.

And even the “healthiest” diets make some folks sick.  That’s because inflammatory foods are almost all good, plain whole foods; the sort of thing you would never suspect of causing potentially lethal damage (think wheat, dairy, and corn for example!).  We are so used to thinking of food as nourishing, most people are not aware of the damage that these foods can cause.

To revolutionize your health based on these breakthroughs requires more than a fad diet.  Instead, you need the power of life-saving information. You need to know…

How to eliminate “fire foods”
How to quiet down inflammation, using proven nutrients
How to eliminate inflammatory toxic metals, like mercury and lead, without doing further damage to your already fragile immune system
How to rebuild a friendly colony of helpful bacteria, even after you damaged it with antibiotics and unwise eating habits
The ultimate probiotic (it’s NOT what you think!)
The one so-called health habit that’s killing people in the developed world (the immune system is not stimulated and soon fails altogether)
The surprising forest plant species that quells inflammation (and which ones to use)
Top signs of intestinal fire—what to watch for and how to fix it
How to care for your “forgotten organ” (it’s far bigger than your bowel and it keeps a stranglehold on your health!)

Extinguish the Murderous Fire

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