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Thousands of Lives Risked Due to False Medical Findings,
Risky Drugs, and Needless Surgery…
How a Revolutionary Technique with NO HEALTH RISKS Offers a Scientifically Proven Blueprint for Optimal Health

Too often, treatments offered by the medical establishment don’t work—especially when it comes to chronic illness. Think of your friends you’ve lost to cancer, heart disease, and lung conditions, friends struggling daily with Alzheimer’s, diabetes, excess weight, arthritis, osteoporosis, severe allergies, or a host of autoimmune diseases.

Mainstream medicine and Big Pharma have failed miserably in stopping these chronic maladies—because their approach is flawed.

Rather than enabling our bodies to heal themselves as nature intended, Established Medicine aims its big guns—invasive testing, drugs, and surgery—on symptoms, attempting to “blast them away.” The side effects can be debilitating, while the results are too often disastrous and even deadly.


The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) study estimated as many as 98,000 people die from medical errors every year. If the Centers for Disease Control were to include preventable medical errors as a category, these conclusions would make it the sixth leading cause of death in America.

There is a far better, safer, and immeasurably more effective healing answer available to you and to everyone. This simple, free technique is called The Healing Codes, and it involves using your fingertips to activating your body’s own natural healing process. This technique is so powerful it can literally melt away cancer. the healing codes

And learning The Healing Codes is far easier than you think.

Getting Sick is NOT Natural or Unavoidable

Those in the medical community have told us that getting sick is normal. But in reality, your body is designed to heal itself naturally and then keep you healthy.

Astounding new research in the field of energy medicine now makes it possible for you to choose how well you’ll feel… today, tomorrow, even 10 or 20 years down the road. You get a choice in how long you’ll live and how healthy you’ll be in your later years.

Breakthroughs in energy medicine are being hailed by the most revered doctors of our time—including Dr. Mehmet Oz, as well as by the most prestigious research institutions in the country. The science behind The Healing Codes is forefront among energy medicine breakthroughs.

Once you know how to harness the power of The Healing Codes, your health is back in your own hands. Think about how much your life could change.

What Are “The Healing Codes?”

The Healing Codes are an energy therapy discovered by Dr. Alex Loyd in 2001. This simple 6-minute self-administered healing method involves the use of the fingertips of both hands pointing towards one or more of the 4 healing centers of the body. It is shockingly powerful and remarkably effective.

The Healing Codes system is made up of several different codes, each of which implements a unique sequence that stimulates a specific healing center in the body—thereby eliminating the underlying cause of cancer and nearly every other known disease. This remarkable method:

  • Requires nothing more than the fingertips of both hands pointing towards one or more of the 4 different healing centers in the body.
  • Takes only 6 minutes to do.
  • Is so simple that anyone (even a 7-year-old) can do it at home.

“I have used almost all of the latest and greatest technologies, treatment protocols, techniques, systems, philosophies, and healing modalities in both conventional and alternative medicine, and if I were to choose just one it would be the work of Dr. Alex Loyd.” —Dr. Merill Ken Galera, medical director of the Galera Center, and former lead physician of the renowned Dr. Mercola’s Natural Health Center

Medical Doctor Fights For Life

The story you are about to hear illustrates the outstanding healing power of The Healing Codes. Several years ago, a well-known medical doctor was in a very life-threatening situation. This doctor was a practicing M.D., D.O. (Osteopath), and NMD (Naturopathic Medical Doctor). When he fell ill, he was overseeing an alternative cancer clinic in Atlanta, Georgia.

When this doctor sought medical care, he was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease—a very frightening and deadly verdict, worse even than cancer: 80% of those with Lou Gehrig’s die within 5 years. So the doctor sought a second opinion, but the diagnosis was the same.

Knowing that traditional medicine offered no hope against Lou Gehrig’s, this doctor began searching across the globe for a cure. He ended up attending a seminar where he heard about The Healing Codes and realized immediately that it was based on scientifically sound evidence.

“After only 3 months of using The Healing Codes, I returned to the surgeon who first diagnosed me. He ran the test for Lou Gehrig’s (EMG) and no trace of Lou Gehrig’s disease could be found.”

Dr. Johnson has been symptom-free since March 2004. After his own remarkable recovery, he decided to devote himself to studying The Healing Codes. “I resigned from the Immune Recovery Cancer Clinic I helped found and began working with Dr. Loyd to investigate this phenomenon and help spread this technology to the world.”

Some of you many even know of this respected doctor—he’s Dr. Ben Johnson, the only medical doctor featured in the bestselling DVD The Secret.

Healing at the Cellular Level

Unlike traditional medicine, The Healing Codes gets to the heart of the matter and has been shown to address the real cause of sickness and disease at the cellular level…where disease, illness, and sickness actually starts.

Based on the results of their research, a team from the prestigious Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas is saying they believe the root of illness and disease are “destructive cellular memories” stored in the body after negative experiences early in life. These cellular memories are even visible with MRI imaging.

“Medical School Breakthough”
The Dallas Morning News, September 12, 2004

Throughout the natural world scientists are finding that cells and organisms record their experiences all without the benefit of a brain. Scientists believe these cellular memories might mean the difference between a healthy life and death… [Energy medicine] may provide one of the most powerful ways of curing illness said Dr. Eric Nestler, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. For many diseases, treatments today aren’t much better than Band-Aids.

“Our best hope for healing incurable illness and disease in the future might very well lie in finding a way to heal destructive cellular memories,” says Dr. John Sarno, professor of the medical school at New York University. “If you can heal that cellular memory, then the illness or disease or chronic pain is very likely to heal.”

Eliminate the True Source of All Illness and Disease in 6 Minutes a Day

The Healing Codes eradicate internal stress in as little as 6 minutes in a scientifically provable and reproducible way—eliminating the root cause of practically all illnesses and diseases in the body. This is the only scientific healing modality that:

  • Eliminates the root cause of any health condition, whether it is physical, emotional or mental—without the use of drugs, surgery or medical treatments.
  • Opens the cells of the body and takes them from a “defensive” mode to a “growth” mode, thereby making your body virtually immune to disease.
  • Activates the 3 essential components of healing simultaneously, thereby making health restoration a certainty, not just a possibility.

Reclaim Your Right to Health

Discover the exact code you can use to eliminate the underlying cause of any disease you may have… turn your immune system back to full force… and make it almost impossible for you to get sick.

Hear the inspiring stories of countless people who have used this healing technique to heal everything from cancer to…diabetes…arthritis…emphysema… depression… fibromyalgia…chronic fatigue syndrome…asthma…fibroid tumors…to Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Learn this touch-free, do-it-yourself therapy that you can use on yourself or on a loved one who suffers from cancer or any other disease. The results will astonish you.